Danser Suspense Novels Newsletter

Danser Suspense Novels Newsletter

December 2019

Hello and here’s wishing you safe and warm holidays.

There is lots of exciting news in the world of the Danser suspense novels. Earlier this month, View Finder was nominated for the prestigious 2020 Pushcart Awards, honoring the best in small presses.

My tenth novels is also receiving fine praise, one reviewer writing:

Takes Fiction to a New Level

This is a brilliant experimental take on fiction. Each section functions as a riveting scene, unapologetic, brutal, nightmarish, dizzying, compassionate. BB Danser, the protagonist, is at once servile, cunning, , driven, victimized, and heroic. A compelling read, which I accomplished in one sitting. Jolley’s work is impossible to put down.”

As a reminder, for those wishing to receive a free, signed hardbound copy of View Finder,  there are five copies left. It’s easy. Just visit my website at: www.TheDanser.com and leave me a message sharing your thoughts on a favorite Danser title or character.

In other news, I’ve signed with BHC Press for the publication of the next title, The Collectors, scheduled for release mid-2020. The Collectors is already being described as “A rollercoaster ride through a house of horrors.”

I’ll take that as kind and accurate praise.

All the best,

Greg Jolley

The Danser Novels


(Available at all fine bookstores and https://amzn.to/38TEuWr)


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