“True eccentrics are never acting.”

“True eccentrics are never acting.”

~ Dr. David Weeks and Jamie James

Reading that was like a fun stick in the spokes. I immediately thought of the Dansers. One of the facets that I admire most about them is their natural certainty and disregard for norms. No matter if they are bent and twisted or good and merry, there’s no hesitation on their chosen path.

Put another way, I love their pursuit of passions, no matter what anyone else thinks. It’s not in their nature to doubt themselves. 

Regretfully unlike them, the only thing I do naturally is sleep like a dead kid on a morgue slab.

The quote is from: Eccentrics: A Study of Sanity and Strangeness by Dr. David Weeks and Jamie James.

Try the book, you might find yourself, if you’re not looking.

All the best,


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