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Danser Newsletter for January, 2020

Hello and here’s wishing you a fine new year.

Since View Finder was launched, it has been very well received. It’s great to see BB Danser’s twisted story welcomed with such warmth.

Here are two recent reviews:

“Takes Fiction to a New Level

This is a brilliant experimental take on fiction. Each section functions as a riveting scene, unapologetic, brutal, nightmarish, dizzying, compassionate. BB Danser, the protagonist, is at once servile, cunning, driven, victimized, and heroic. A compelling read, which I accomplished in one sitting. Jolley’s work is impossible to put down.”

~ Elizabeth Randall, author of Murder in St. Augustine: The Mysterious Death of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley (True Crime)


”…reads like a Luis Buñuel screenplay adaptation of a Shirley Jackson novel by way of Sigmund Freud, digs into the reader’s forebrain and refuses to go away.” 

~ LibraryThing Early Reviewers

In other news, View Finder has also been nominated for a 2020 Pushcart Prize. A book tour is in the plans, along with a blog tour. I’ll be getting the details to you as soon as they are finalized.


My next book, The Collectors, is scheduled to launch in 2020. This is the second novel to feature Pierce Danser, caught up in a menagerie of horrors while he tries to rescue his soon to be ex-wife, the actress Pauline Place, from the clutches of a deadly and mad collector bent on adding her to his gruesome museum.


I am currently editing Kazu Danser’s second novel, The Deadly Kazu, for release later this year. When that wraps up, I’ll be starting the write of Izzy, the fourth book in the Maison de Danse Quartet. Much of this book involves the real-life pursuit and capture and trial of Joey Bova, who murdered Zuheily Roman Rosado. Most all the research is completed and I’m eagerly looking forward to this write, exploring the nuances of justice.

I hope you’re enjoying the Danser novels. I’d love to hear from you.

All the best,


The Danser Novels


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