“The Collectors” by Greg Jolley

January 13th,2021

What is the hardest part of writing your books?

While there are many creative challenges from the initial research to the final edits, I can honestly say it is always satisfying and rarely difficult. For “The Collectors,” my involvement with the publicist’s efforts are a little distracting, but that’s because I’m currently in the middle of a new write. The plus side is hearing from readers and reviewers and learning from their questions and comments.

What songs are most played on your Ipod?

For “The Collectors” it was Steely Dan. The write needed the complex, colorful and edgy jazz and heartbeat rhythms that the band loved to work with. While I didn’t listen closely, I did hear sparks of the caustic lyrics that can only encourage. 

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I work closely with a hired professional editor before a book goes to my publishers, who then do additional editing. She and I have done several titles together, going through the book three time, back and forth. She is not only brilliant with grammar and punctuation, but invaluable because of her skill at pointing out continuity concerns.  

What book are you reading now?

All research. Truth be told, I rarely and only selectively read fiction. I’m in the middle of writing the “Chas Danser” novel so I’m studying the history of the doomed French attempt to establish Fort Caroline, Florida, in 1565. It’s a bloody and tragic story of classing nations and religious fervors.

How did you start your writing career?

It just made sense at the time, having been a compulsive reader through all my youth. I was in my mid-twenties – the days of typewriters – and started by writing sketches of locations, characters and events. After several months, I waded in to the actual write, no genre in mind, working with the skeleton and ingredients I knew I could bring to life. Quite simply, it was life changing. 

Tell us about your next release

“Thieves” is scheduled to be released February 15th, 2021. This is the first of three novels making up the Obscurité de Floride Trilogy, which will all be published during 2021. While the schedule is aggressive, I’m positively jazzed to be getting these into my reader’s hands.                                 

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About “The Collectors”

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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About “The Collectors”

January 2nd, 2021

There is also an excerpt from “The Collectors” at:


One: This is Pierce Danser’s second novel, the first being “Dot to Dot”, published in 2014. In the prior work, he’s again a determined and self-proclaimed private investigator, making endless mistakes but bravely staying in the hunt.

Two: Pierce Danser and Pauline Place are also center stage in the novel, “Cream of the Wheat” that’s being released in 2022. This novel tells of their earlier lives, when working in the movie industry and trying to find their ways to sanity and love amidst chaos and danger.

Three: believe it or not, during the research for “The Collectors” I came across other museums and collections far more frightening and strange than those of Deung. As always, I am constantly amazed by the workings of minds and passions so far from the norm.

Four: While a few reviewers having commented that this novel is “not for the faint of heart,” and while that is true, “The Collectors” is also a love story. Set in a world of danger and the macabre, the love survives and gets stronger, as all the best ones do.

Five: I happily lost control of the first draft write when mid-way through, Pierce Danser and the other member of the cast took turns grabbing the steering wheel. As is often the case, I became little more than their typing pool as they came to life and told the story that they insisted on. One of the most satisfying parts of being a novelist is when this happens and I’m allowed a front row seat in their movie.

Six: Following Jane Mansfield’s tragic and untimely automobile death, the bumper bar at the rear of long haul trucks began to appear. The ‘Mansfield Bar’ is intended to provide some protection for cars running into the rear of eighteen wheelers.

Seven: “The Collectors” was written in 2016. Because I write seven days a week, there are several Danser novels in deep freeze, so to speak. As the editing of “The Collectors” began in earnest earlier this year, it was a delight to meet up with the cast again and go along on their adventure.

Eight: James Dean was found alive after his horrific accident. In one photograph taken just after the accident, he can be seen in the wreckage of his Porsche, siting up, dazed and staring. He died soon after.

Nine: After my involvement with a few movie productions, writing “The Collectors” was the first time I wrote with cinematic tools I had learned, loving and admiring the focus on visuals and dialogue. This structure and style also surprised me many times, insisting time and again that I knock it off with details and color and kept the stories’ pace rolling fast and true.

Ten: What I am enjoying the most with the novel’s release is hearing the questions and insights from readers. I am always delighted and surprised, be it good or bad. I’m always learning and treasure the gifts that readers take the time to share.