A Five Star Review of “The Girl in the Hotel” by Gregory French

45393300-scary-spooky-evil-woman-in-the-dark copy

A Five Star Review in Amazon

“Gregory French weaves a nightmarish landscape in his novel, The Girl in the Hotel, peopled with grotesque characters who are devoid of scruples or even a semblance of sanity. If you have the stomach for it, and you like to be scared, French combines the subtleties of skillful writing with an over the top plot, which is set in a gothic hotel framed by the jungles of Mexico. Retirees arrive and never leave. Criminal activity is a job description. Meet Ed “Never Ever Eddie” Rang, Kazu Danser, Constance Snapp, Carson Staines and other assorted killers, bullies and reprobates. It is hard to assign a genre to this fast-paced novel of thrills, horror, and mystery. Captivating.”

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