God Loves Stories


“God made man because he loves stories”

In the upcoming novel, On the Beach, Bo Danser struggles to find a reason to continue his trudge from the devastation of the city of Miami. Covered in filth and radioactive dust, he recalls the Jewish parable he once read in a used bookstore, when such things existed before the fiery gold blast of light.

“God made man because he loves stories”

 It is a Jewish parable famously shared by Elie Wiesel in the preface of his novel, The Gates of the Forest. For Bo Danser, it is the spark he needs to continue step after step, his path and choices telling his story.

 In my work on the Danser novels, those seven wise words also inspire. While I take them slightly out of context, I have the hazy belief that at times the spark of imagination I enjoy is a gift and has a purpose beyond book sales. Of course, it might also be true that I’m completely bat-guano nuts on this, but hey, it adds a lift.

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