5 Star Review of “Malice in a Very Small Town”


Reader’s Favorite

February 13th, 2018

By: Arya Fomonyu

Malice in a Very Small Town: A Wiki Danser novel by Greg Jolley is a finely written story that is as disturbing as it is suspenseful. Wiki Danser believed that the future would be bright and sunny when she moved into a new home with her daughter. But there is something disturbing — the next door neighbor and the nauseating smell emanating from her property. Determined to find out what is happening, she alerts the authorities, who dismiss her claims offhandedly. But then children go missing from the neighborhood and Wiki can’t bear the thought that her daughter might disappear as well. She takes matters into her own hands, but can she unravel the mystery and save her daughter from becoming the next victim? 

The only thing that didn’t have me spellbound about this novel is the title. It didn’t catch my attention, but the story itself is a great read and Greg Jolley has an impeccable way of bringing readers into the world of his characters, weaving elements of suspense into the story and building tension in readers. The story itself is gripping and the prose leaves a singular signature on the writing, placing the author up there with some of the respected names in the genre. The characters in Malice in a Very Small Town: A Wiki Danser novel are well-crafted and while the story explores an unusual phenomenon, the realism is powerful and readers can feel the fear and anxiety of the protagonist. This is a great story, plotted to keep the reader turning from one gripping page to the next. 


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