Article: The Danser Novels by Greg Jolley



Two Questions from Readers

I was recently asked, “Where are the Dansers novels going next?”

Let’s first look at where they’ve been so far:

Distractions (1984) Uncle Tim’s swim in a pool of madness and Karen Danser’s rescue effort.

Cream of the Wheat (1988 – scheduled for a 2020 release) Jared and Pierce Danser and Baby Ruth’s story of loss and acceptance, set primary in Hollywood and at the mysterious la Diana, the family resort in South America.

Greenland, California (1990, unpublished) BB Danser, off in search of a siren’s call that leads to death and destruction.

Songs Without Dansers (1993, unpublished) A collection of suspense tales including the introduction of the evil Will Power in the short, The Old Blue Sedan.

Viewfinder (2000, master’s thesis) It is Cream of the Wheat as told by Brian Danser, who survived the carnage his parents, Jared Danser and baby Ruth brought upon la Diana.

Currently in Print:

Danser (2013)

Dot to Dot (2014)

The Amazing Kazu (2015)

Murder in a Very Small Town (2016 and 2017)

Where’s Karen? (2016)


And looking forward, these works are completed through three drafts:

Malice in a Very Small Town – A Wiki Danser Novel (January, 2018)

BB Danser: A Memoir  (working title) – A BB Danser Novel (Spring, 2018)

The Collectors  – A Pierce Danser Novel (Fall ,2018)

Kazu Two (working title) A Kazu Danser Novel (Winter, 2019)

Third Dent Novel (working title) – A Wiki Danser Novel (Spring, 2019)

Hotel Or – A Kazu Danser Novels (Fall, 2019)

Black Veil / Movie Book (working title) – A SeaBee Danser Novel (Winter, 2020)

In current development:

Thieves – A Molly and April Danser Novel

Florida Water (working title) – A Kazu Danser Novel

The Search for Kazu (working title) – A Pierce Danser Novel

Dent Four (working title) – A Wiki Danser Novel

Out of the Wind – A Wiki and Kazu Danser Novel


Why do I write them?

Have an hour? I’ll buy the espressos. Each slender Danser Novel is an opportunity to explore human themes through story telling. And the story takes precedent over thematic concerns. The personalities of the cast for each book dictate the novel’s structure (i.e., wordy or mouth? POV, levels of details). That said, the writes are really about turning these dear friends loose and scurrying as fast as I can to transcribe their antics and struggles. Quite simply, it is a helluva lot of fun and if it wasn’t, I would find another use for the seven days a week I’m at the desk.

A while back I answered that same question from another angle:

Because of the dance. 
Good and evil out on the floor, under the soft lights, the music varying.
Who will lead? Who will follow? Or will they embrace?
The Danser novels are about individuals and their choices, as well as their instincts, passions, goals and compulsions. 
But always there is the dance, the suspense: Good or Evil?

Here’s wishing you good and interesting days and reads.

All the best,


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