Special Offer on “Where’s Karen?” by Greg Jolley

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August 1st, 2019

From my amazing publisher, BHC

We wanted to let you know that we have selected WHERE’S KAREN? to be one of our six sale titles for the month of August. This sale is for both ebooks and print editions. Here are the details for the sale:

“Where’s Karen?” and other titles by Greg Jolley can be purchased here:


The sale dates are from August 1st through the 31st. Normal prices return on September 1st.

  • Ebooks are on sale for $3.99 at all major retailers: B&N, Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, and Apple Books. The ebooks are also on sale at the BHC Press store.
  • The sale will also be available in the following countries/territories and prices: UK (2.99), Canada (4.99), Europe (3.99), and Australia (5.99)
  • Print editions are ONLY on sale at the BHC Press store at a 15% discount of list price. Due to distribution restrictions and pricing strategies at retailers, we are not able to place these on sale at individual retailers.
  • All retailers are there as well as a link to buy the book through the BHC Press store (will earn a higher royalty).
  • We will also have the sale titles featured on the home page, both in a rotating slider ad at the top, as well as a section listing all sale titles mid-page.

We are excited to include the book in this month’s sale.

“Where’s Karen?” Chosen

Wheres Karen - Greg Jolley FC_01

We were very excited to announce that ‘Where’s Karen?’ by Greg Jolley has been chosen for Overdrive’s 2019 Adult Fiction Sale.

Who is Overdrive?

Overdrive is the eBook distribution partner to over 38,000 public and school libraries worldwide.

What are the dates of the sale?

The entire month of June, beginning Saturday, June 1st.

This is a sale for Librarians ONLY who use Overdrive to purchase digital content for their library. Overdrive will be promoting this heavily through their social media as well as special email content sent to their Librarian members.

(via my amazing publisher, BHC Press)

Thank you, Vern and Joni!

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“Where’s Kazu?”

bloody rope one

Typed “The End” on “Where’s Kazu?” (w.t.) this morning.

This is the first book of the Maison de Danse Quartet, a Pierce Danser novel set in the winter of otherwise always sunny Florida. It was written as a roller coaster ride for Pierce, as he searches for his lost grandson, Kazu, who has taken up a life of crime among his fellow street urchins. Both Pierce and Kazu are also running from their murderous pasts while each is pursued by those who want them erased. Permanently.

All the best,


A Five Star Review of “The Girl in the Hotel” by Gregory French

45393300-scary-spooky-evil-woman-in-the-dark copy

A Five Star Review in Amazon

“Gregory French weaves a nightmarish landscape in his novel, The Girl in the Hotel, peopled with grotesque characters who are devoid of scruples or even a semblance of sanity. If you have the stomach for it, and you like to be scared, French combines the subtleties of skillful writing with an over the top plot, which is set in a gothic hotel framed by the jungles of Mexico. Retirees arrive and never leave. Criminal activity is a job description. Meet Ed “Never Ever Eddie” Rang, Kazu Danser, Constance Snapp, Carson Staines and other assorted killers, bullies and reprobates. It is hard to assign a genre to this fast-paced novel of thrills, horror, and mystery. Captivating.”

Review Request “The Girl in the Hotel” is Free

“The Girl in the Hotel” by Gregory French

A free, signed copy of the suspense novel can be yours if you will post a review on Amazon (The good, the bad, the random). Below are instructions to download the eBook version of the Advanced Reader Copy.

Hotel ARC

One Amazon reviewer described my book:

The story was interesting, the writing was great. I could visualize everything that was written…

I’m looking for reviews on Amazon so that I can get feedback from reviewers just like you.  Hearing your thoughts and insights help me improving my craft and storytelling.

For a free Advance Review Copy, I’ll be happy to get you a Kindle version. Just two quick to do’s on your part:

One: My publisher needs your Kindle email address. Please send that to them at info@prismheartpress.comand they will ensure you are given a free copy. (FYI, your kindle address look like XXXX@Kindle.com)

 Two: Please add my publisher, Prism Heart Press, to your list of approved senders. Their address is: info@prismheartpress.com

 If you’ll take the time to post an Amazon review, I will gladly sign and mail you a copy of the novel.

You can find more information about this book and my background at: https://TheDansers.com

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Gregory French

“The Girl in the Hotel”

“The Girl in the Hotel” is now available to all reviewers!

Hotel ARC

The free Advanced Reader Copy can be yours with just a couple of steps.

  1. Send Gregyour KINDLE email address. These look like: XXXX@Kindle.com

  2. Please add his publisher, Prism Heart Press, to your list of approved senders. Their address is: info@prismheartpress.com

That done, you can download the free Kindle version!

We would love it if you would past an Amazon review.

Thank you,

The DT’s (Dancer Team)

New tiles coming out this year!

view 4


By Greg Jolley

You could say that BB Danser started the ball rolling, as the patriarch, if you allow, of the eccentric and passionate and driven Dansers. This is his story, in his own words; a tale of his madness, passions, murders and the desperation to take flight and escape the confines of real and modern life.


The Girl in the Hotel

By Gregory French

Welcome to the secluded Hotel Or, deep in the jungles of coastal Mexico. The hotel is a criminal money making machine, a sausage grinder processing elderly retirees for savings and pensions. In walks Ed (Never Eddie) Rang, a young and resourceful eighteen-year-old girl, who first explores the deadly hotel before being trapped in its claws.

She is up against the hotel’s owner, Constance Snapp, a cruel and clever megalomaniac with a deadly clan of gypsies assisting in her evil and murderous profiteering. The hotel is rife with murderous misfits and its permanent residences, an assortment of wealthy recluses, some still sane, others as dangerous and mad as the hotel owner.

Ed teams up with Kazu Danser, an eleven-year-old Niños Asesinos(Child Assassins) on the run from the Federales. Together, the two are hell-bent on destroying the hotel and its menagerie of ghastly crimes. Vengeance fires their hearts as they wade deeper into the machine.

Lives needs to be saved.

The Hotel Or needs to be put down. Permanently.

Can they put the wrench to the machine, killing it forever?

Can they survive?

Leave me note or a question. I would love to hear your thoughts.

All the best,


Email: gfjolle@sbcglobal.net


All of the Danser novels are available at: Amazon: http://amzn.to/2o4tIob

Merry Holidays!


And here’s to your many reading and life adventures


The Dansers,

(BB, Jared, Pierce, Bo, Brian B., Uncle Tim, Baby Ruth, Pauline Place, Mother, Karen, Sam, Kazu, Ali, Dan the Baby, Dan the Dog, Molly & April, SeaBee and Wiki).